September 7th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

What I Did During My Summer Vacation!

Busy the past few days with getting ready for The Journey as well as Hearth Night. I finished the Regia slide show, and I finished arranging the trip (we'll see how quickly the plans are cast asunder by reality). Haven't seen my pal in Portland for *years* and am really looking forward to seeing her.

I put together three booklets: A complete edition of the Exeter Riddles, Making fire with flint and steel and "What's My Farb?" The first came from numerous sources and will be a convenient source for riddles and (supposed) answers for HN. The Firemaking volume is a compilation of several web pages on the creation of char cloth and flint-and-steel. The last is a compilation of photographs of "attempts" that fall short...sometimes amusingly short! They aren't all SCA--too easy--and include some serious reenactment, including Micel Folcland's first event. It is designed to show folc what MF participants are expected to recognize and to avoid. I'm working on a gaming book right now--right now, knucklebones, tafl, mia and how to make riddles--since our goal is to learn about four or five interesting pastimes for the LHE (kids--the one who aren't squicked by using bone--love to try knucklebones, and there is a string interest in tafl). I love reformatting web pages for my own amusement; yeah, I'm a graphics geek! these will, of couse, not be for commercial sale; they are to be used only among Micel Folcland and Regia members.

It would be nice to have more local Regia members with whom to share my efforts. Hopefully, Hearth Night will attract interested persons who will see that accuracy is not only possible but fun!

Today, I get an oil change; tomorrow, my sweeties and I head to New Salem. When my little sweetie and I were there earlier this year, she--a dance fanatic--saw that this weekend featured a music and dance seminar. Miss Julie decided to go along this time, so we're having an extended family date!