September 13th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Sweating in the Starter Blocks

We leave on Tuesday, so I have a couple days to get everything ready--cleaning the house and setting out the stuff we need for the trip. Julie is excited, and so I am. I love to be able to meander alon and stop where I want to. Miss Julie will separate and visit friends in Seattle after the training Event, and I'll make a cross-country trip by my lonesome. I don't know when I'll get back; I'll probably just stop whenever I see a site I want to see :)

Folk in the Portland area might be interested in the Training event. Two Regia officers from the UK will be there; and if it's anything like our Eostre event this spring--when four officers came for a week--it'll be a fun time. Additional information at The officers--Martin and Clare Williams, the lawspeaker and the membershiop officer--will be in the States for a while and will be doing training seminars in California ( and then in Florida.
Viking Spongebob

Meanwhile, back in Micel Folcland

Trying to print out and assemble articles for a series of binders that MF maintains with information, how-tos, provenance, etc. They're then made accessible to MF members, and I want to get them updated for Hearth Night in October.

Also for Hearth Night, I've been practicing with flint and steel. This weekend, I hope to grill and then make some char cloth. I still can't get regular sparks--I think I need a larger piece of flint. You have to bring flint and steel together with speed and force, and the piece I've been using has broken, making it almost too small (or poorly shaped) for my big fat fingers. My fingers are gashed, bruised and bloody. Ow!

We're planning dye experiments at hearth night. I have madder, woad and oak gall (for mordanting). We're probably going to experiment with walnuts as well, since I want to make walnut ink. The other night, a friend asked if I had found any walnuts; after an Abbott & Costello routine, we figured out that both a mutual friend and I were both doing the walnut dye/ink thang. I've talked to the friend, and I may be getting some walnuts since she's much further along than I am!

And I got goggle helm that was on sale. I have a lot of modification to do to make it accurate, but it was CHEAP (from and should work if it's kept far away from the ropeline. When I start bugging people for horsehair for padding, I hope they'll bear with me :)
Viking Spongebob

Heroes & Pathfinder

The deal on the "Heroes" DVD collection was too good, and there was a feature on Tim Sale (if you're a comic fan and go "Who?" well then shame on you. I had never warmed up to it during the year, and I thought that maybe it'd be better in a large dose. Well, it started out, and I still didn't warm to it. It reminded me too much of a rip-off of the syndicated show, "Mutant X." But about halfway thru the second disk--did I give it a fair chance or not?--I started warming up to it. After a while, I started rewatching episodes and listening to the commentary. I ended up loving it. Will I watch it when it resumes in a few weeks? I don't know...but I'll certainly buy the Season 2 compilation!

I picked up some second-hand DVDs yesterday. "Prairie Home Companion" (excellent), "A Sound of Thunder" (low budget but still pretty good), "Be Cool" (not as good as "Get Shorty," but pretty funny if you fast forward thru the musical numbers, though seeing the Rock sing "You're Not Woman enough to Steal My Man" was the highlight of my day). And "the Pathfinder," that high-budget, low-brain compilation of crap and stupidity. Bad enough that after three attempts, I still haven't finished it. Like I said before, I try to give things a fair shake. And then I listened to the features, where the director bragged about how authentic the Indians were but the Vikings were just thugs so he didn't mind just making up things. The raven banner on the ship's mast was as funny as the helmets, and the horse was--in 800 CE--not the fuzzy little Icelandic horse but an Arab stallion. And then--amidst descriptions of the Vikings in cliched and ignorant terms but in the style of lecturing to the unwashed--the director notes that Indians and vikings have never been portrayed together before. Well, the film makes "The Norseman" look like great cinema (hey, didn't it feature Vikings and Indians too?), and then there was the 1929 film biography of Leif Eiriksson and Prince Valiant which had a whole sequence set in the New World back in the 1940s? Oh well. I guess when you make crappy films, you don't have to worry about getting *any* of your facts straight...