October 8th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Settled Away

Julie got in from Seattle today at 4:30. the house was a mess; things were still pulled apart for DSL installation. But...

The maintenance man who was supposed to come tomorrow came today, Luckily, I had nothing to do. After a couple hours, he actually fixed it so that my DSL worked normally! Yay! Unfortunately, Eudora would not send out. I *hate* webmail, so this started about two hours of finagling with connections, long distant calls to my father-out-law (well, my little sweetie and I aren't *legally* married, so...). And then I saw one little drop-down that neither he nor I had noticed. I changed one little setting and voila! Folo is so happy!

Saturday was the day my sweetie and I celebrated our eighth anniversary. I bought her eight presents but forgot one; but then we headed to a porno place--"If you had told me eight years ago," she said, "that I'd be nonchalantly shopping for a new vibrator..." I must be a bad influence...). Had a great date. If you're reading this, I love ya, sweetie!

Sunday, I went out to Forest Glen for the RevWar event. I had been so busy with setting up DSL and everything, I didn't move stuff away from the drawer that holds my colonials, and I ended up in my Micel Folcland t-shirt. The event though was fun, and it was so hot and so few people around that the First American let me behind the ropeline and we started a great conversation that was cut short when the IG stopped by for an inspection. Oh well :) It was still great to see my old pards.

Also saw Susan Biggs-Warner and confirmed stuff for Hearth Night. She noted that the Civwar reenactment at Kennekuk that I missed was a bigger success than last year. Hope you had a good time, sgtgwn! I also stopped by the reed patch and harvested some more reeds. Woo! A full weekend!

Tomorrow, I do laundry and then go to an SCA meeting. I'm almost caught up on notes, photos, &c., so I may get the travelogue finished!