October 14th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Old Ships and Eolders

We spent much of the day on the road, heading up to Geneva, Illinois, where we met Kim Siddorn, the founder of Regia Anglorum, his wife Hazel, a few folc from Micel Folcland (babs3406, seamstrix and julifolo and Michael (along with various kids). And Pat Hansen from the Raven (the Gokstad ship from the 1893 World's Fair) at The Raven. A lot of fun, lots of pictures. She is heartened to hear that folk in the reenacting community are willing to help and will be contacting me when things are settled. She still has no idea whether and how much money they will receive from Partners in Preservation, and there are plans underway for the preservation. She'll keep me updated, and I will pass the information on here!

Kim is a fun guy to talk to and very cordial. His wife--not a reenactor--was very cordial as well. They're on a cross-USA trip went from LA to the Grand Canyon tp Yellowstone (a week after we were there) and then into Chicago. seamstrix had been their Friendly Native Guide the day before, but on Sunday, she had to share them with the rest of us! From here they head to parts east. Kim said that seeing The Raven was one of the highlights of the trip, and we're glad that babs was able to arrange it!