October 19th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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Well now. What have we been busy doing...?

The damn helmet us resisting everything I do to strip off that damned black paint. The stripper doesn't work. Sandpaper works only a bit (and then sands down the rivets while leaving the paint fairly unmarked. Not a short-term project. A fine winter project...

One spear is ready to be epoxied and riveted. I'm still not pleased with the job I did, but I have one more to work on!

I've found all the pieces of the whorl that broke when I tried to force it on a drop spindle. I hope. Miss Julie will try epoxying it back together this weekend, and then I will glue it onto a drop spindle. It may not work right, but it'll look good at least!

_Deadwood_ remains fun upon the third and fourth viewing. "Longest a rug has lasted." I shouldn't laugh at that, but...

I bought _Studio 60._ That was a good show, and being able to see what is on the screen without the snow of commercial tv...priceless. Wittily written and well acted but no cutting up dead bodies or supernatural aliens...what were they thinking?