October 25th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Getting ready for Hearth Night

Today, I take my sweetie to the airport and get back home to pack for the weekend. (she always gets sick or leaves town during a Regia function, but that is only coincidence; she really want to hit a Regia event! :)

Yesterday, I went to an organic farm and got purple carrots and a few other veggies. Getting veggies for reenactors was a new experience for them, and they had plenty of questions.

Transferring videos to a format that my digital frame stalled :( The frame is very persnickety!

Last night, I pulled out tafl boards, dice and knucklebones; eating utensils; and a blowing horn. Today, I grab my clothing. Find room for our bed and figure out what I forgot...

If everyone shows up for the Regia Anglorum training who said they were showing up, we should have a respectable number. If you're in the area and are intersted in Dark Age culture, please feel free to stop by. It's free, and no costume is required! And you might find out that what we're doing is fun (we've known for years!).