October 28th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Back from Hearth Night

Wood was uncooperative in the hearth, the weather was bad, the lighting sucked and it was colder than a wi...it was CHILLY. and I never had a better time. Surrounded by people who were truly interested in what we were doing, not pursuing titles or awards, it was heart warming to see folk practicing various arts and learning new things because it brought them pleasure! We did sparring, archery, dyeing, games, textiles and firemaking, with plenty of documentation around amid beautiful rustic settings (not a long hall, but certainly not a high school gym either!), we all had a great time, lured a new member to the dark side and even had a unit meeting after we gnoshed on the traditional Anglo-Saxon pizza. Then we watched DVDs by the candlelight, just like our Anglo-Scandinavian ancestors!

Pictures at http://flickr.com/photos/folo/sets/72157602770125688/.

And watching "Dark Ages" (a Britcom by the creators of "Red Dwarf"), we even came up with a new motto to join our old one ("Micel Folcland--The Average Anglo-Saxon on the Cow Path"): "Micel Folcland--Common as Otter Plop!"