October 29th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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I am Tivoless. My Tivo unit was having troubles burning disks, so it's in the shop. I'm already having withdrawal symptoms...

On the other hand, we figured out a way around the transfer of funds to England for Regia. seamstrix will be sent to Wychurst with the funds for the work weekend. She's in the country, and we just pay the $40 our bank demands for an international transfer to her. She gets British funds from and ATM, and we get pictures. Our bank doesn't offer that for the money :)

Hmm. Seamstrix gets to go to England a week after our Hearth Night; I get to do two months on jury duty. Something seems unfair here...

I posted pictures, wrote a brief account, looked up links and went to the bank. I can't delay anymore; I gotta unload the van.

How far in advance do we have the schedule things not to interfere with other happenings. We announced the date of Hearth Night in April; At least two other events conflicted!
Viking Spongebob

I Saw What You Did Last Millennium

Blame seamstrix for the concept. I just wrote the scream...I mean, screenplay,


[A group of reenactors are sitting around a cold cabin, in the middle of an empty woods in thedark, discussing things that reenactors discuss. Suddenly, the door swings open]

Insane murderer [Off Stage}: Arrrrgggghhhhhh!

[We cut to a midshot of the Insane Murderer in the doorway, holding a chain saw and grinning maniacally]

[We see three bows, four spears and one seax at ready]

[Insane Murderer starts to step forward]

Insane Murderer: Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!

[Midshot of Insane murderer, skewered by three arrows, four spears and one seax.]

[Closeup on Insane Murderer's face. His eyes very wide]

Insane Murderer: Arrrrrghhhhh?

[Insane Murderer falls over]

AElfie: So we were talking about stitches...close the door, someone.

Teleri: Will he burn...?