October 30th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

The smell of campfire smoke leads to reflection

Having unloaded the van yesterday and moved to my office most of the stuff that sat in a smoky cabin for three days, I am sitting here in a room permeated by the intoxicating smell of fire smoke (without much of the cold that afflicted this weekend). When I picked up my little sweetie at the airport yesterday, she snuggled into me and said happily, "You smell like Pennsic." Although Pennsic is her only real contact with living amid smoke, to me the smell brings back thousand of a thousand similar activities. Though I will probably not sleep in such primitive conditions until spring, the scents help release the flood gates of memory, and I re-live the pleasures of the weekend.

This weekend saw us learning new skills, socializing and exchanging thoughts & knowledge. The re-creation of the culture from another time was in no way complete. After all, we used plastic and had many more books than anyone of the time would have had. However, it prepared us to better provide an educational atmosphere in the future. Being able to immerse yourself in an historical milieu, without a sneaker, a Coleman stove or a nylon pimple within your range of vision, is a pleasure that some people will never know and, in fact, probably regard in the same way that I regard a sporting event: A waste of time and money. I realize that not everyone will want to experience historical accuracy nor even understand the attraction. But feeling the intense satisfaction I do when I have created an accurate scene, I feel a bit sorry for them.

Would I prefer to live in the past? Probably not, but it is a helluva nice place to visit. Now, pass me the remote control and bump up the furnace!