October 31st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Cheeky Bastard Kitty

VIII loves sneaking past us when we're going into the attic. He sometimes convinces V to go with him, but V will come back down when I call her (and VI, who got stuck for five days up there last January, just stays away altogether). VIII will meatloaf at the top of the stairs, just staring down and only moving if I seem to be coming toward him. Next to the last time, he would come down of his own accord, look around before entering the room and dash back upstairs if he saw me ready to pounce. I hid behind the door and, when he was out, slammed the door shut (that pissed him off quite a bit). Yesterday, he pried the shut but unlocked door open and got past me. V followed but scrambled downstairs as soon as I said, "No. Bad girl." Then he would come down and peek around the door--still in the doorway--to see if I was hiding. He finally came down for Julie a few hours later when she fed the other guys.

Today, I was getting the comics for Halloween nd closed the door securely, I wasn't to the top when I heard a rustling and commotion at the door (he lies down, sticks his hand under the bottom of the door and pulls the door open if it isn't securely fastened). No dice. Then he starts to meow to be let up i9n his most mournful falsetto meow that seems ludicrous coming from a cat of his size. When I came down, I threw open the door and growled; he stepped back in surprise, and I slammed the door shut. He stared at me, seemed to shrug and then walked away.

But somehow. I don't think he's done with the game...