November 2nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Like, wow...

An exciting evening. After writing good night to my girlfriend, I lay down and started watching a tv show ("Haunted History--New Orleans"; a good show if you ignore the mumbo-jumbo crap) and calming VI down from a fight with VIII). I was feeling tired from the day and just vegging. Then a big bang. I go, "What the hell..." but it didn't sound as if it came from within the house, so I thought no more of it until a few minutes later when the next-door neighbor came over to apologize for ramming her car into the side of the house and smashing our gas hook-up to shreds. I went outside to check it. Gas fumes were already starting to fill the house, and I woke up Julie. The fumes were worse outside, so I had her stay as far away as possible in the house. The gas repairman came and capped it, so there's little danger of the house blowing up or of us being asphyxiated but we don't have hot water or heat right now. A plumber is coming in in the morning to fix the hook-up and check to see whether she screwed up anything inside the house.

Right now adrenaline is coursing thru my system, and sleep is the farthest from my mind.
Viking Spongebob

What's been happening

Well a plumber--not my regular one, who was too busy--got everything connected, and I am back to what passes as normal around here. Tonight, I spent two hours putting the Micel Folcland book of Provenance into folders, so stuff can be found more easily. It's a start, and I'll probably be tweaking it later! The project has certain grown from what I had started a few years before!

And now I can devote my time to cleaning up the house. We may--or may not--have a house guest next weekend, so we hope that at least you can move around.

No word of the Tivo yet. I keep the twitching under control mostly...