November 10th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

DVR Update

My old Tivo/DVD burner is trash. Best Buy said they would just give me a new one.

It'd be a lot easier if they carried the same model. Or an equivalent. Or if the manufacturer still made it. But apparently having a DVR and DVD burner together made too much sense...

Problem (for Best Buy) was that my extended warranty said it would give me the comparable item. So, Best Buy--who had never encountered a problem like this before--gave me a new DVR (one that works with Direct TV, so it might not be Tivo), and a separate DVD burner. End result is the same number of electronic boxes but skewed a different way. I'll be connecting the satellite box/DVR a bit later today (hopefully) and activating service, while I call Tivo to discontinue my service (sure am glad I didn't pay for life-time service!) And then connect the DVD-burner. At least I don't have to call anyone to connect/disconnect/activate anything there...
Viking Spongebob

Raven Update

I received a note from Pat Hansen (from The Raven) yesterday. She
notes: "Apparently the Partners in Preservation site will not
announce how much money will be available for us until after the
evening of Nov. 13 and a reception at the Palmer House Chicago." Keep
your fingers crossed for them!

They are currently seeking other avenues and partners as well, and
Ms. Hansen has promised that she will let me know what reenactors can
do to help them.