November 12th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Start of the Week

My Little Sweetie is back in town and tired from her weekend (I have a gift for her because, of course, I missed her). My Big Sweetie is grumpy because she has to do paperwork (I went out to get her pizza with whole-wheat crust to de-grumpify her last night). I'm waiting for a DirectTV repairman, who might have to upgrade my satellite disk. It's a lovely warm morning, and I'm sitting here with the door wide open, shooting caffeine straight into the vein and wondering what I want for breakfast.

The really good news is that the DirectTV box will work, they say, without activating the DVR function, and I tracked down a refurbished Tivo/DVD-burner unit just like the one that I had and that costs $50 (instead of the $500 I spent on the original) after a rebate. A 2-year warranty cost another 50 bucks

Robin was a delightful visitor over the weekend. She's very enthusiastic! She and Julie went linen-shopping on Friday and spent most of Saturday night doing naalbinding. Robin and I spent a lot of time talking Regia.

For dinner, we went to Cracker Barrel, where the new manager refused to allow me to substitute meat loaf for ham on the sampler. I had done it for ten years, but the new manager is, apparently, a tight ass who decided that Things Must Be Run By The Book. Fine. I cancelled my order and went out to the car. Julie and Robin told me that there was a flurry of confusion, with servers and staff running around going, "What can we do to make it up?" They'd do anything but make the substitution. The manager even came out to where I sat and offered a free meal (I was trying to read and told her to take a hike). In all this, they never offered to make the substitution. I think they missed the point of The Customer Is Always Right. I mean, they had always substituted before; the menu did not say NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Well, that Cracker Barrel lost one customer; I'll never go back (while they have that manager; but there seems to be a quick turnover in managers) because if I'm giving money for goods, I expect some kind of cordiality. Even a substitution with the warning that "We can no longer do this in the future" than having the stiff--a waiter, not the manager--come out and say angrily , "We don't do no substitutions, buddy."

Hmm. I wonder if they belong to the SCA...

I went to Borders and got _The Marvel Vault_ while the lasses went to a yarn store. It is a book by Roy Thomas that gives a breezy superficial history of Marvel Comics, with a number of repro artifacts, such as some sketches by Bill Everett and Carl Burgos, the original script for Fantastic Four 1, the original MMMS certificate and so forth. It is very nicely done, much better than _1776: The Illustrated Edition_ which also has repro artifacts (of the primary materials). The Marvel book has drop in plastic sleeves; the 1776 book has glassine envelopes that are sealed with little repro seals (flat and adhesive) that will not come off easily. I don't want to peel them off in sections (I want to keep them), and I am afraid that the documents will be snagged by the adhesive as I pull them out. Very frustrating...

No word yet from Shattered Crystal about whether I can sell at Crystal Ball. I had better make time to call the event steward this week; I'm already committed to going, so I hope that I can ameliorate some of the costs!