November 22nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

New Pictures of Lincoln?

"Civil War enthusiasts this weekend will get a rare glimpse at what a handful of scholars are calling the most significant find of its kind in generations: a pair of stereoscopic photos, purportedly of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg before he delivered his famous address." Possible, but probably wish fulfillment:

Meantime, I am working on a book on The Viking. Found a bunch of photos but not Magnus Anderson's two books: Vikingefœrden: en illustreret beskrivelse of "Vikings" reise i 1893 (his account of the 1893 voyage) and 70 års tilbakeblikk på mitt virke på sjø og i land (the autobiography published the year before his appearance at a second Chicago World's Fair). And is there anyone who knows whether the Norwegians asked the Fair for permission to display The Viking or what the official reaction was to such a flagrant attempt to show up their hero, Columbus?
Viking Spongebob


My Little Sweetie didn't go home for Thanksgiving for the second time in her life, so Julie and I decided to have her over. I spent most of the day fixing lunch; it's the first time in eight years that I fixed her something to eat! We had a nice lunch (my family always eats the big meal in early afternoon), with the kitties hanging out trying to look starved (V loves ham, which I fixed). She and Julie don't see each other much, so the conversations were mainly between the two of them. Unfortunately, my sweetie had hurt her back somehow before coming over and left after she ate. (she did stop by for a few minutes later when she went to a friend's to get an anime DVD he burnt her). After tidying up--I still have piles of dishes to wash--I spent the rest of the day working on my new book. Great Thanksgiving!