December 6th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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As winter storms move into the area, our trek to Chicago seems doomed. I really don't want to drive in Chicago as everyone gets used again to driving in snow. We'll see what happens...

On the other hand, I finished taking notes from an illegible scanned source last night, then took notes than an illegible National geographic article (I have the CD set containing all National Geographics from 1988 when it started to 2000). While the former were just low-quality too large scans, the latter were pdfs of the originals, whose type had grayed and paper had yellowed, fading to a gray uniformity. Fortunately, I was able to tweak the contrast snd make things look fairly legible. It's an address that Captain Magnus Andersen gave at the Geographic conference at the World's Fair, containing a few very pertinent comments about the trip. Interesting, Captain Contas of the caravels also spoke at the same conference (he and Andersen sat together), and his address repeated old myths and ignored the Viking altogether!

I got a book in the mail yesterday from the Lief Ericsson Society called Norse America. It's a compilation of crackpot theories (the author obviously does not think them crackpot), but there's a nice section on The Viking. No notes, of course, and he insists the Newport Tower is earlier than 17th century, but it was a cheap hardcover :)

yesterday, Brian Woods' Northlanders funny book came out. I cannot fault the story; it contains the sort of run of the mill nihilistic violence and legalistic conflict that you expect in sagas, but the art...well, while nice and vaguely influenced by Japanese art (I've always found a big connection between Viking and samurai stories), but there are little nits. The boots seem out of an SCA farbfest, the whole Dark Age reenacting community is looking for horned helmets (promo art had them, but I haven't found any in the finished far), tunics are too short, belt ends dangle, swords are not Viking in the least and there are much too many straps, harnesses and leather belts dressed decorously over the warriors, peop;le in the Orkneys are wearing rus pants and the Norse are as filthy as the Anglo-sxons. But it's nearly not as bad as, say, Pathfinder. I feel like taking up a donation to buy a copy of Thor ewing's book on Viking Costume for Davide Gianfelice (the artist). If you want to see the art without being seen at a funny book shop, see