December 14th, 2007

Viking Spongebob


So I'm getting ready for daily exercise. In this case, it's taking all the totes out of the van and putting in the rear seats and the laundry. Nothing like making your exercise worthwhile! I figure I'd better do this before the two inches of snow arrivews tomorrow :)

I got the new Bat Lash yesterday. Sergio Aragones is co-writing (I presume plotting) and the art is by John Severin. It's just not Bat Lash without Nick Cardy, but *John Severin*! He must be in his eighties by now, but his work is, if anything, better than his work at his "prime." It's just a mini-series, so buy it. Sergio and Severin; how can you go wrong?

I also grabbed _The 52 Companion,_ which featured stories about the supporting cast of 52 from the DC archives. And the Charlton, sine it reprints the wonderful Steve Ditko Strange Suspense Question story from the '60s. I always had a weak spot for Charlton, and I've always thought that DC mismanaged them, but...More Charlton reprints! How about a Ditko collection (or a Pat Boyette, or a PAM or...but those are probably less likely than a reprint volume of the original Bat Lashes). The Companion book also had a classic Elongated Man (Carmine Infantino at his best) from '66 and a Rip Hunter (Alex freaking Toth!) from '62. There's a Black Adam story as well, but I can ignore that!