December 22nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Busy and Productive Day

Just back from Chicago, and I'm exhausted. Julie has already gone to bed. we left about 6:15 this morning (15 minutes late), ditched the van at a park-n-ride at Midway and took the el into Chicago and then a bus to the chicago History Museum. where the expenses added up quick. Twenty bucks for a little lunch (made by a famous chef and tasting nearly as good as what my grocery store makes for aquarter of the price), thirty dollars for research memberships, thirty-nine bucks in the gift shop (got things for both sweeties because, hell, I was there; Julie loves hers, the history of gay actibism in Chicago) and twenty five bucks for photocopying (it should have been thirty, but the photocopier loved seeing the Viking when a kid and gave us a break for nostalgia's sake).

I've got photocopies of letters sent in the early 1900s, parts of Magnus Andersen's books (in Norwegian; I fiured out what pages I needed with my handy Norwegian-english dictionary and now will semi-translate it) and parts of Rasmus Elias Rasmussen's book on the voyage (translated in the mid-80s, but he still comes off as a religious prig; I'd have tossed him over by accident in the middle of the Atlantic). I didn't get to the logs; next time--the research room is closed until 2 January, which is why we went up today--I sit down with them. Hopefully, next time will see the appearance of the sun; the fog was so thick I couldn't see ten feet ahead of me on the road, though I got some phenomenal shots of skyscrapers melding into the mist.

I donated a few of my papers to the museum and promised to send them a copy of the book when it's published, and impressed them with a list of items I wanted to look thru (apparently most of their patrons are not so prepared).

Now, to look thru my haul. Julie picked up a few period guides to the World's Fair from the UI stacks, so I'll be glancing through them in the next few days as well. happy little researcher!

I'm sitting with the front door open right now. It's 51! And little over a week to Ecumenical Greed Day. Who cares if the weather actually sucks. No one's drowned yet, and it was a great day!