December 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Merry Lincoln Day!

Yesterday, we had a wonderful Lincoln day. I watched a History Channel special on the Lincoln Assassination and then, after about 12 hours of work on the _Viking_ book, Julie and I went to _National Treasure: Book of Secrets_ (we enjoyed it; I stopped counting historical errors about ten minutes in; a fun movie if you leave your brain at the door!), then a Chinese dinner with her reading _A Team of Rivals_ (yes, I finally finished it, and she took the book and ripped it into hundred-page segments instead of taking the whole book around; I bought a hardcover copy for my library) and I read _Lincoln Legends (nothing new, but gather all together). And then home again to do some more work. I was integrating sections from the English translation of Rasmus Elias Rasmussen's book on the voyage into the text. For the most part, they folded in seamlessly, though there were a few statements at odds with those from other writers. Those are what horse races, but this was a drakkar...

Today, I made footnotes consistent and went out to Borders to get a calendar (Gil Elvgren) and--surprise surprise--ran into Kevin Reid. His wife's folks like in Iowa, and this about halfway between! He said he was going to show up for Maidens. Now I'm safe at home, going through 113-year-old books.

Next Tuesday we celebrate Ecumenical Greed day. Julie and I will exchange presents, we'll sing EGD carols and we'll read the story of how St. Wal-Mart will drive his SUV through your front door and leave off toys for the good and dead batteries for the bad and funky latex devices for the truly naughty...I'm a-tingle already!