December 27th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

A Busy Day

Today started early, taking Julie to work with two large books from 1893. Then back home and taking photographs of photographs from another book from 1893 (it was in two poor a shape to set on the scanner). Then some Maidens work, making reservations for Reenactorfest ( ; if you're going to be around the Chicago area on the weekend of 9 February and have an interest in reenacting, be there!), filled in the 2008 Corporation report for Micel Folcland, Inc., then some work on the book and then I started to watch a documentary but got interrupted by an old pal on the phone. I had a bunch of kim chee and nothing much else to eat, and now I have a raging urge to get a burger. Or a hot dog. Or a gyro...anything that isn't just cabbage!