December 29th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Kraut Krazy

Walked into the grocery store a couple days ago. The Salad Bar hot foods section featured saurkraut. Mmmmm. Smelled great. So I got some kimchee and regular sauerkraut and have been having kraut for breakfast and snacks and...well, you get the idea.

Right after the new year's, I start working out Micel Folcland's event schedule for the new year. we're gonna tr for a spring hearth night this year because cannedtomatos has agreed to give us a workshop on basketweaving (that that's when the willows are running). We're doing Reenactorfest again, our spring event (probably in conjunction with a timeline), Jubilee, something with the Viking either in June or the fall, Scandinavian Day in October (the Vikes' event, but we have a standing invitation to attend) and we'll see what else pops up. People have been talking about getting together for working on projects, and I want to start combat practices here in Urbana (Chuck, our MTO, just announced his new job will bring him back to CU this summer). We're trying to find new venues as well; I'd love to get up to an event a month at some point!

_Whaleroad to the World's Fair_ continues. I've made scans from some 1893 books, and I have most of the book done up until 1993. I need to arrange another visit or two to the Chicago History Museum, a visit to the haunts of the world's fair and interviews with the folk involved in the preservation efforts. Interest in the book has been very good. I should sit down with a couple books by Andersen in Norwegian and puzzle them out; I'd love to find a copy of the souvenir photo booklet that they sold in 1893 and 1894, but *no* one seems to have them. If y'all have any World's Fair souvenirs from a great grand-pappy in a trunk somewhere, would you go take a look? I'd appreciate it.

Right now, the biggest debate is on footnotes and endnotes. I've got footnotes right now; my sweeties and I like footnotes. But we're all geeks. For the people who don't give a hang about the provenance, I am thinking of making them endnotes. What do y'all think? Which do you prefer?

ADDED: I think we'e gonna have some bad weather. My barometer--my knee--is *killing* me. If we need a new ark, you read it here first!