December 30th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Beowulf & the Anglo-Saxons DVD

While searching for prizes for the competitions at Festivbal of Maidens (, I started looking for a few DVDs. I found "Beowulf & the Anglo-Saxons" and bought a copy for myself. To my surprise, not only was much of the main program filmed at Wychurst, but there was an extra feature that the box said was "The Life of an Anglo-Saxon" was actually "An Inside Look at Regia Anglorum Society." Quite well done, with Nigel Ames doing the shpiel and very well shot. And it anuses me that we will be giving out a DVD that contains a documentary on Regia for an SCA event. And Alf, I'll be happy to lend you my copy so that you can regularly go "I was there" (it also includes footage and a documentary from the Sutton Hoo site) when viewing it with friends :) The main programis pretty informative, although I was probably treasonously amused at the scene of Kim gifting sword to a younger warrior as the narrator intones, "A battle-scared warrior bowed with youth recalls the days of his youth." (I was also amused that Sam newton, the curator from Sutton Hoo, had an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Frye...)

I got a copy at Borders and filled our my order at