December 31st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Merry Ecumenical Greed Day!

My new non-denominational, non-religious that allows people to celebrate their favorite religious ceremonies while having a later opportunity to be as greedy as they want.

I bought my wifey a cheap MP3 player for her to use on her trips. the last time she was on the road alone, she lost her portable CD player and almost a CD. Now she at least can't lose CDs! Using a Borders certificate, I got her a season of Babylon 5; the day after christmas, Best Buy started selling all the seasons for $20 each. I bought one, then reconsidered. She has all the seasons now, and she can toss her videotapes.

My sweetie got me membership again in a hot sauce of the month club,and the first shipment arrived today. My big sweetie got me some hot sauce. I opened up the gift from my father-out-law and--no peeking ahead now--he got me hot sauce. To top things off, I had bought myself two bottles of hot sauce today. I don't think I'll have to buy hot sauce for a month or two :)

(If you think this was hot sauce overkill, a story might be in order. In New Orleans, at the French Market cafe, I was drenching my toast in hot sauce as is my wont. Gentleman walks past, stops dead and just stares. Finally, he moves on, saying, "I ain't seen *that* done before, even in new Orleans!")

Lest you think the little fuzzes went toyless, they got into the packing peanuts for the hot sauces. VIII was intrigued. VII played like hell with a peanut (during play, it got stuck on one claw, and he had the devil getting it off) and V ate most of one (I think it's organic, not styrofoam). VI slept the entire time.

Now Julie has gone to bed, and I'm in the middle of Bringing Up baby. I still have empire Records and Clerks II to get me into the new year. Happy New Year to all! I hope your evening is more exciting!