June 23rd, 2010

Viking Spongebob

Regia Hosts Event for Overseas Member

On the weekend of 24-25 July, Micel Folcland Inc. will hold a belated Midsumor event at Forest Glen Preserve near Danville, Illinois. It will be held in honor of an English member of Regia, Geoff Williamson, who will be a guest of the group, teaching combat and games. The site is beautiful, and we welcome attendance from other groups willing to follow regulations behind the ropeline or as MoPs for the event. We hope to have a web page up soon; I'm moving slow in this heat!

For Scadians, while the event is opposite your Indianapolis event, ours will continue on Sunday and is, for many of you, along the way from Indy to home--about fifteen miles off I-74 at the Georgetown exit. Attendance is free; costumes are not required for MoPs, and it should be an excellent opportunity to see what it is that we do in our re-creation of Anglo-Danish culture at the turn of the First Millennium and to speak with a member from overseas.

Micel Folcland is the Wisconsin-Indiana-Illinois branch of Regia Anglorum. It is one of the best living-history groups recreating the Early Middle Ages, and we certainly try to uphold its standards! We try to recreate the Anglo-Scandinavian culture of the Danelaw of the first quarter of the Second Millennium.