folo1 (folo1) wrote,

Accuracy in Films

MoP: Where are your horns?
Me: The Vikings didn't have horned helmets.
MoP: But they have horns in the movies.
Me: Those are movies.
MoP: But the maker was bragging how accurate they were.
Me: They lied to you.
MoP. Oh [pause] Then why should I believe you...?

Mel Gibson--who promoted "The Patriot" as accuracy, saying that the Smithsonian ensured that accuracy even after the Smithsonian said their advice had been rejected--is now doing a Viking film:

Before even knowing how it turns out, whether Mel will proclaim its accuracy, or whether Mel's racist and political views are displayed with his exaggerations of the truth, you'll forgive me if I bang my head against the wall...

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