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Feeling sore and exhausted after the Timeline, but we had a great time. We had a few hundred visitors, and even if the weekend was not that large, we had a lot of fun. Micel Folcland was set up at one end of the line, and we had a good stream of interested visitors. Kevin Young set up a Mexican War camp next to us on Saturday; Carol and Amy did some spinning on Saturday; there was a member of Fraser's who dressed in medieval drag; Michael Stevens set up a "Weapons thru the Ages" display, and his wife Diana moved into the cabin. The 78th, Fraser's company (F&I) showed up in force (Michael is commander). More on Saturday than on Sunday. We spent a lot of time walking over to the porch of the cabin--we had limited shade--and talking, and Friday & Saturday nights, we hung out on the porch just gabbing and having a great time.

If you missed it, shame on you. We had folk visiting from around the state, and we met a lot of great people both reenactors and turons! We have a commitment to to do it again, so we hope a better turnout. Forest Glen is only about 90 minutes from Indianapolis, 2-1/2 hours from Chicago and 45 minutes from Champaign.

I especially want to thank babs3406, seamstrix and julifolo for filling out the Regia camp. We had a blast. Babette's 6-month-old daughter, Sylvie, was the belle of the camp; Babette never wanted for folk willing to hold Sylvie while she had to do something else. This ran across all eras :)

Micel Folcland might have also gained a few new members since several reenactors, thinking they were going to see a Scadian effort, were very impressed by the MF efforts. there appears to be a big interest in medieval reenacting by folks who stay away from it in the States because the SCA is such a 700-pound gorilla!

You can see a few photos of the good times at It was a beautiful, sunny weekend, and Forest Glen is always beautiful!
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